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The Housewarming Theatre Festival will occur on December 4, 5, 11, 12 from 12pm to 4pm each day at The Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Dates and times for digital programming will be announced next week. 

The festival features a wide array of events including musical performances, short plays, artist dialogues, a marketplace, and digital content from 4615GO alongside new work. 

Festival passes can be purchased here.
In-Person and digital passes are sold separately. See below for which programs are available on each pass.

For information regarding the plays and events or to see the line-up of featured artists, scroll below. 

Finally, producing a festival with over 35 artists requires considerable resources. If you would like to donate to support 4615 Theatre, you may do so here


In-Person Pass
BLUE by Caridad Svich
A marathon swimmer is in the middle of the ocean, crossing an unthinkable distance as they wrestle with past and future. 
Directed by Jordan Friend. Choreographed by Caitlin Ort. Featuring Jacob Yeh

HUMAN RESOURCES by Matthew Minnicino
Four armor-clad employees of a certain famous spherical space station in a faraway galaxy reckon with the conditions of their workplace.  
Directed by Jon Jon Johnson. Featuring Jared Graham, Jacqueline Chenault, Shaquille Stewart, and Ezra Tozian

NEVERLANDING by Amanda Zeitler
Mike Darling, now a discharged airforce pilot, reveals secrets about his military career, past affairs, and Neverland. 
Content Advisory: Discussion of PTSD and war. 
Directed by Jessica Lefkow. Featuring Seth Rosenke.

POR LO QUE SOY by Jordanna Hernandez
A young woman struggles to reconcile a deep scar from the past. 
Content Advisory: References to sexual assault/abuse. 
Directed by Gregory Keng Strasser. Featuring Alex Diaz-Ferguson, Camilo Linares, and Sara Hernandez

NO, BUT by Patrick Flynn
A corporate retreat team engages the audience in improv games with hilariously disastrous results. 
Directed by Seth Rosenke. Featuring Melissa Carter

PARLOR GAMES created by Charlotte La Nasa
As you arrive at the festival, you will be invited to take part in a series of creative response exercises led by actors. Stick around until the end of the day to see your words brought to life in a totally unique performance.
Directed by Dylan Arredondo. Featuring Melissa Carter


Digital Pass
DARK CITY by Gregory Keng Strasser & Sara Eskandari
All four episodes of 4615's Dark City are available with a digital-only pass. Learn more about Dark City here.

Acclaimed playwright Saviana Stanescu tells her own globe-hopping story in this diary of an artist without borders.


Event Info

Musical Artists & Other Events
Sean Chyun, Singer-Songwriter 
Jeannette Christensen, RONNI-X Fashion Line
Q&As with Amanda Zeitler, Jordanna Hernandez, Charlotte La Nasa, and Stevie Zimmerman



The Line-up
11_30 Lineup.PNG


Schedule 11_30.PNG

Subject to change. Check often for updates.

Digital Schedule
Digital passes begin on December 12th at 2:50 PM EST and last until December 19.
December 12 @ 2:50 PM EST - Paper Backs by Britt A Willis (Stream, replayable until December 19)
December 12 @ 3:45 PM EST - Alien with Extraordinary Skills by Saviana Stanescu (Stream, replayable until December 19)
December 12 - Dark City (Download available until December 19)

In-Person Schedule

All Set?

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