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TEMPERED Dramaturg's blog #3: Dramaturg's Note for the Program

In the process of creating tempered: a cabaret, we worked through (and played with) the three stages of rage: escalation, crisis, and recovery. The result is a show which explores the kinetics of rage. When is it quiet? When is it loud? When is it safe? When is it reckless? These are just a few questions that we asked ourselves while crafting this cabaret. One answer that we found is that, through art, rage brings forth another experience: catharsis. The artists offer monologues, original music, and reimagined classics in an exploration of rage, but that exploration is not enraging. As a human, it makes me feel seen. It makes me feel heard. As a dramaturg, I want to thank my collaborators for their trust and vulnerability, and for creating art that does not shy away from telling the truth.



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