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by Joe Calarco

World Premiere: 2/22-3/17

Separate Rooms Cast.jpg

In this time-bending, moving and wistfully haunting new comedy, a deceased man guides us through his past and present, as his apartment fills to the brim with family, friends, friends of friends, and even total strangers. As the guests grapple, both with his loss and with each other, the action weaves from room to room, jumping through time by minutes and years. Separate Rooms is a stunning meditation on loss, friendship, and the traces of ourselves we leave behind.​

Runs about 2 hours with one intermissions.

Recommended for ages 17 and up.

-For 4615's first ever world premiere, we've cast an all-star team of DC's finest performers. They are (left to right) ALEX MILLS, JENNA BERK, STEPHEN RUSSELL MURRAY, ALANI KRAVITZ, JACOB YEH, JEN RABBITT RING, REGINALD RICHARD, MELISSA CARTER and VINCE EISENSON

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