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As a new, growing theatre, and particularly one dedicated to emerging artists, we at 4615 Theatre Company hold a deep responsibility to shape the future we want to see for our theatre community. Last month, our leadership and resident artists gathered to discuss how we can play an active role in that work. Today, we’re excited to share with you some promises we have made, to ourselves and to our community.

Many of these commitments are inspired by the courageous work of We See You, White American Theatre; as well as by the countless voices who have called for overdue change in the theatre industry, in order to rid it of systems and practices that exclude and harm Black artists, Indigenous artists, artists of color, and all other marginalized voices. Some of these plans have already been in place, some are long held dreams finally coming to fruition, some are new goals, and much still lies ahead. We believe that the pursuit of equity and justice is forever ongoing, and we are committed to constantly reassessing and expanding upon this work. 

On a very specific note for us: 4615 is devoted to nurturing local, emerging artists, and to  helping audiences think connectively about storytelling from across genres, styles, subjects and centuries. We view the promises below as a vital part of fulfilling both of those components of our mission. Representation is vital for galvanizing a new generation of storytellers, and for expanding the perspectives, experiences, hearts and minds of our theatregoers. 


  1. We commit to maintaining, in perpetuity, a minimum of 50% BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) representation on our senior leadership team (currently comprised of the Artistic Director, Producing Director, Director of Patron Services, Resident Director and Company Manager).

  2. We commit to maintaining, in perpetuity, a minimum of 50% BIPOC representation among our resident artists.

  3. Effective immediately, we commit to achieving, in perpetuity, an annual minimum of 50% BIPOC representation in all of our external, non-resident hiring. 

  4. In order to make work in theatre more accessible, we commit to eliminating barriers to auditions and job interviews, such as travel and resources. This will include offering onsite engagements to educational institutions, as well as virtual audition/interview options for all initial rounds, in addition to in-person.  

  5. We commit to developing an accessibility policy for our ticket sales, including PWYC (pay-what-you-can) performances. 

  6. We are a small, local business, and commit to partnering with and supporting other local businesses for concessions, production needs and any other purchases. We will reduce our use of online ordering and large, corporate vendors. We will shop local at all possible opportunities, and prioritize businesses owned by BIPOC vendors. 

  7. We commit to eliminating the 10/12 (ten out of twelve) tech day from our rehearsal practices.  We will replace it with more available tech days in our venues, at liveable hours for artists that respect their needs beyond the theatre. 

  8. We commit to providing annual EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) training to our leadership and artists. We will maintain a permanent line item in our budget for this work. 

  9. We commit to creating a policy for anti-racism standards of practice, to be included in all agreements for contracted employees, and to reserve orientation time at the start of every rehearsal process to train production teams and casts in these practices. 

  10. There will be Indigenous land acknowledgments at the beginning of every rehearsal process and on display in all of our venues and programs. 

To hold ourselves accountable in seeing this through, we will annually release a report of our work, including external tracking of our demographics, as well as a list of our local business partners. We are excited to update you on this journey as we add new initiatives, and work to build a better future for our storytellers.


The Members
of 4615 Theatre Company



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