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The 2019-20 season is made possible by the extraordinary generosity of these people and organizations. They provide the foundation upon which we're able to spin thrilling tales from across the ages.


By supporting 4615, you are playing a vital role in the creation of new, daring theatre, brought to a team of artists devoted to innovating how we bring a story to life. If you would like to offer hand and join our 4615 family, click the link below...

The Share Fund
The Morgan Fund


Norma Andrews

Edward Blau

Robert Cali
William Cooke

Margery Cunningham

Barney and Patrice Feinstein

Marylou Uy Fredriksen

Elizabeth Jane Holmes

Tom Manteuffel

Carl Nash

Cate O’Kane

Norman Ornstein

Pamela Passman

Michael Shulman and Jackie Judd

John Hauge


Maryland State Arts Council

Alka and Sudhakar Kesavan

Harvey Maisel


In Honor of David Streuwing
Janet Airis

Carol and Jack Feder

Bonnie Loeb

Thomas Medley

Howard Pittman

Laura Rosberg

Leslie Taylor

Peter Threadgill

Rebecca Willumson


Keith and Michele Anderson

Kirstin Austin

Barbara Bear

Scott Bellard

Patrick T. Brady

Sally Donnelly

Eleanor Heigenbotham

Thomas Holzman and Alison Drucker

Christine Keunen

$100+ (cont.)

Rachel Manteuffel

Elaine Metlin

Brian Monsell

David and Kathi Minton

Anthony O’Farrell

Marc Okrand

Charles O’Toole

Wendy Patterson

Robin Raphel

Julie and Matt Reiner

Lori Samuels

Marion Usher

Daniel Vine

Edwin Welles

Barry and Gail Wides

Patricia Yates


Amber Gibson

Maria Losada

Paul Nass and Bob Soliz

Jill Schuker

Karen Stewart

Rex Daugherty

Gillian Drake

Valerie DuBreuil

Richard Fancey

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