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4615 Theatre Company produces a provocative blend of classical and contemporary work, inspiring audiences to explore the echoes and resonances of storytelling passed down through the ages. 


We are a theatre for the adventurous thinker, devoted to the power of storytelling to thrill our senses and expand our minds. 4615 shows run the gambit from Shakespeare to world premieres, but all of our material is united by a few core principles...


1) Stories across space and time - We tell stories that gaze at the same stars and ask the same questions in wildly different ways. Each new season at 4615 features a collection of works separated by time, but united in theme. We find beauty in both repetition and variation, and each show in our season is enriched by the others. We love stories about other stories, stories that steal from stories, or even stories about storytelling itself. 

2) Epic Scale, Intimate Space - Our shows perform in a stunningly up-close setting, but are wildly ambitious in scope. We create transportive, immersive experiences that push the limits of what is possible within four walls. Through innovative design and a rigorous emphasis on text and movement, we bring the impossible life.

Think of us as the theatrical equivalent of a campfire story.

3) Under Our Roof - 4615 first began performing in multiple rooms of a suburban home, and while we've grown enormously since then, we carry with us the sense of community we cultivated there. We love getting to know our patrons, and create opportunities for you to meet our artists and engage in discussion about our work. Beyond shows, you can come to us for musical cabarets, talkbacks, workshops and more than a few celebrations.

When you come to a 4615 show, you're a guest at our party...and we party all year round.

4) Bold Theatre for All - We believe that cost should never deter someone from seeing unique, ambitious theatre. and are devoted to keeping our ticket prices at a level affordable for all.  As a company originally founded by young, emerging artists, we recognize the deep importance of cultivating the next generation of theatre-makers. We support the professional development of our resident artists, and our apprenticeship program provides opportunities for emerging artists to train in a personalized environment, and flex their creative muscles


MORE BACKSTORY (if you're interested...)

4615 Theatre Company was conceived in the summer of 2013, when a group of ambitious young actors and designers created an inventive staging of John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi. Led by Artistic Director Jordan Friend, the play was set in multiple rooms and outdoor areas of a suburban home. For a few years after, the group operated as a “nomadic” theater company, producing site-specific shows around the DC area, before expanding into a year-round professional theatre company.

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