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An ongoing series of short-form conversations with the artists who tell our stories.

Episode #5-Aria Velz on DARK CITY

DC-based dramaturg, director and writer Aria Velz discusses the many theatrical hats she wears, and how she helped bring the world of our new interactive visual novel series, DARK CITY, to life. Aria also tells a memorable story from 4615's production of THE INFINITE TALES. Look out for Episode 1 of Dark City, beginning April 23rd. 

Episode #4-Sara "Dari" Eskandari on DARK CITY

Meet the artist creating the visual world of our new game series, DARK CITY. Sara “Dari” Eskandari (they/she), is an AR/VR developer and freelance artist in academia and indie game development. Currently programming and lecturing at the University of Michigan, they also have previously worked on a variety of indie games including We are the Caretakers and Chess Heroes, and independent webtoon comics such as bardsong and Good Fortune. When they are not hunched over a desk painting or programming, they are most likely cuddling their cat, Ladybug, or making a fool of themself in community theatre musicals. DARK CITY's first episode will be available for download on April 23rd!

Episode #3-Gregory Keng Strasser on THE INFINITE TALES

Jordan Friend has a very candid chat with Director/Adapter Gregory Keng Strasser on the process of conceiving The Infinite Tales -- from writing, casting, rewriting, directing, up until tech. Hear about the challenges of the production and some inside scoop into the 4615 rehearsal room. And don't forget to catch The Infinite Tales now playing through December 29!

Episode #2-The Cast of BETRAYAL

This week, we talk to the extraordinary cast of Harold Pinter's BETRAYAL; Matt Dewberry, Caroline Dubberly and Jared Graham. These three dynamite actors delve into the unique challenges that come with attacking Harold Pinter's challenging text, plus how they stay afloat while juggling multiple shows.
Make sure to catch BETRAYAL, running August 16-September 8

Episode #1-Jon Jon Johnson and Olivia Haller

Up first, meet Jon Jon Johnson and Olivia Haller, two actors from he cast of our upcoming production of Lucy Prebble's ENRON (August 9-September 1). Olivia goes into her work as an actor, dramaturg and playwright, while Jon Jon discusses violin, cultural consulting and why he's productive at 4am.

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