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paper backs & life jacket

by Tristan B. Willis & by Caridad Svich

now closed

4615 Theatre Company is proud to present its bold new repertory productions of two world premiere plays.

In Tristan B. Willis' paper backs, a scholar and artist navigate their passion for their art and each other while stuck in a relationship that continuously cycles back to the beginning.

Caridad Svich's Life Jacket is a story about two friends on a boat. They live in a small town near the sea. On this Sunday, they go out, as they have done in the past, but this time, something changes. Call it a spirit encounter. Or maybe they just hit some nasty debris in the water. Whatever the case, it is a day that will test them both.


"paper backs in many ways punches above its weight. The same could be said of [Life Jacket]"

- DC Theatre Arts
Read more press here


paper backs and Life Jacket run in repertory (performing back-to-back)

dates and times

In-person performances for the rep played February 9th - 26th.

In-peron performances are now closed.

You can stream the show any time, any where (with internet access) until March 5th


All performances are held at the Writer's Center (4508 Walsh St. Bethesda, MD)


paper backs runs approximately 40 minutes.

Life Jacket runs approximately 60 minutes.


One ticket gets you access to both plays.

Tickets for in-person and video streaming can be purchased here.

You can follow the shows on social media by following @4615theatre on all social media accounts, or by using  #4615theatre, #4615paperjacket, #4615paperbacks and #4615lifejacket


Streaming begins Tuesday, February 21.

 You have until Sunday, March 12th to watch both plays.

covid policy

All audience members must be masked at all times in the performance venue.

pay what you can policy

There are ten pay-what-you-can tickets per performance. It is better to book them in advance before they sell out.

All set?

Get your tickets now.



JonathanDelPalmerHeadshot (5).jpg

Jonathan Del Palmer

Actor, Life Jacket

Jessica Ludd Headshot.jpg

Jessica Ludd

Actor, paper backs


Caridad Svich

Playwright, Life Jacket

Jordan Friend headshot.jpg

Jordan Friend

Director, Life Jacket


Caro Dubberly

Actor, paper backs

Eamon Patrick Walsh 8x10 Headshot (Beard).jpg

Eamon Patrick Walsh

Actor, Life Jacket

Tristan Willis.png

Tristan B. Willis

Playwright, paper backs


Stevie Zimmerman

Director, paper backs

cast creative

For this Production

Lighting Design: Pierce Stoneburner

Scenic Design: Sarah Beth Hall

Sound Design: Jordan Friend

Stage Manager: Holly Morgan

Associate Stage Manager: Olivia Dibble

Denotes 4615 Company Member

Behind the Scenes

Production Photography

Production photos by Ryan Maxwell Photography

Rehearsal Images

Social Media


Rehearsal photos by Holly Morgan, Stevie Zimmerman, Olivia Dibble

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